I love romantic subplots in my thrillers! Anyone else?

Here are some of my favourites! I’ve arranged them roughly in order of MOST romance to LEAST.

Nora Roberts’ THE OBSESSION just blew me away the first time I read it. That opening! So terrifying and so tense.

I’ve read Sandra Brown’s MEAN STREAK several times. The pace and the cliff-hangers are amazing, and the can-we-trust-him male love interest is just 🔥

Australian author Sarah Barrie’s BLOOD TREE RIVER is set on a remote cattle station in Tasmania, with a male lead who has a deep empathy for horses but maybe not so much for humans. Another Aussie author, Bronwyn Parry’s debut AS DARKNESS FALLS is a romantic thriller set in outback Australia that won the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award.

Andrea Bartz’s WE WERE NEVER HERE is set between Chile and America and is soon to be a movie. Many of YA author Natasha Preston’s thrillers have romantic subplots and there’s HUGE chemistry between the leads in THE CABIN.

Amy Lloyd’s female main character in THE INNOCENT WIFE becomes obsessed with a man on Death Row in the USA for a murder.
Clare Douglas’s THE SISTERS is a creepy, gripping story of a UK woman whose twin sister died in a tragic accident.

Loreth Ann White’s IN THE DARK has major ‘And Then There Were None’ vibes and a Canadian wilderness setting. May Cobb’s THE HUNTING WIVES is a sexy twisty tale with a cast of Texan women.

Jo Spain’s THE LAST TO DISAPPEAR is set in icy Lapland. Clare Mackintosh’s smash hit debut I LET YOU GO has a subtle romance subplot and some huge twists.

Anyone read any of these?

My novels ALWAYS seem to have romance subplots! But I haven’t found that many other thrillers that do, especially amongst UK authors and I’d love to find more.

Can anyone recommend any thrillers with romance subplots?

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